Our chic planner, built on evidence based research, is your tool for consciously upleveling your life.

Are you the kind of woman that wants to stay in alignment with her goals, stay organised, consciously choose to nourish her mind and body, maintain a powerful and positive mindset, master your ego, be more intentional with how you spend your time and feel more connected to yourself and the world?  

Chances are you are probably doing an amazing job at a lot of this already. But what if you could fit in all of this and more? And work it into your schedule with complete ease? We have designed our planner so you can focus on the positives and take action to create the life you've been dreaming of all day every day.

We believe that consistent self care, mindset and action are the foundations for achieving anything you desire.

We named it Belle Journée because it's about making every day beautiful. 

Why you've never seen a planner like this before...

~ We developed an entirely new layout which changes your perception of time, allowing you to stress less and achieve more.

~ We pulled the best evidence based research to create a tool that works to keep you consciously choosing your health and mindset every day.


We are a purpose driven, socially and environmentally conscious brand.

Which is why we have chosen to partner with i=change to support causes that aim to improve the lives of girls and women across the globe. We donate $1 from each planner sold to one of their incredible charities. 

 Our planners are made from 100% recycled paper and we use sustainable packaging.


 It really kept me accountable and helped with my mental health. 


I'ts very sleek, thoughtful and sophisticated.


It's exactly what I needed in my life. It's speaking straight to my soul!