So what exactly do you get when you buy our planner?

We know there is so much information out there about how to take care of your mind and body but where's the proof that it is correct or actually works? And how are we supposed to jam all of these healthy habits into our days anyway?

This planner provides a simple framework built on evidence based research of all the base level things we all need to do in order to have a healthy body and mind. And the great thing is that the planner grows with you and you can continue to level up your life. It is your tool that inspires daily action.

Heres whats included:

 Including how to:

  • Change your perception of time and eliminate the stress of feeling time poor. 
  • Use neuroscience to create positive habits.
  • The biological benefits of exercise, sleep, healthy eating
  • Maintain a positive mindset daily.
  • Feel connected to the world.
  • Have strong and meaningful relationships.
  • Set goals and achieve them using scientifically proven methods.
  • Clean up all areas of your life and why its so important.
Layout includes:
  • Your daily ritual.
  • Daily intention/ goal.
  • Daily highlight.
  • Daily trackers- move, mind, nourish, sleep, water.
  • Weekly schedule and priorities.
  • Monthly reset pages.
  • Monthly calendars.
  • Stickers for each monthly and weekly pages.
Every planner is wrapped in our signature thick black and white ribbon and recycled paper making our planners the perfect thoughtful gift.