I created the Belle Journée Planner because I discovered a new way of planning my time that took the stress out of scheduling and kept me focused on consciously choosing my mindset and my health everyday. 
Not long ago I was always stressed because I felt so time poor. My schedule was jam-packed seven days a week. I studied full-time, I had an internship, a day job, and a night job. I was running around exhausted trying to accomplish everything whilst feeling guilty that I had no time for the more important things like friends, family and my true passions. I was tired, defeated and felt like I was doing a bad job of everything.
I tried using other planners to set goals and schedule my time but the more I scheduled the more stressed I became. I would look at the week ahead already full and feel overwhelmed and trapped by my commitments. There was no white space because I was scheduling every last minute of my day. That's when I realised the way I visually perceived my time was stressing me out. This is why I have designed a new layout for a planner that has no time slots and is focused on your health, goals and positives for the day, so that at a glance visually your week looks less cluttered with work hours and full of feel good things you have consciously chosen to be there. Seeing your schedule this way makes your brain perceive that you have much more free time and you will actually achieve more as a result. Changing your perception of time is such a game changer!
The other half of my problem was that I was so busy I never stopped to notice how I was feeling. I thought I was doing okay, but I was stressed and burning the candle at both ends. Eventually I ended up suffering from anxiety. This was not surprising really as I was neglecting so many areas in my life that are important for my wellbeing. I was so out of alignment; I would wake, work, eat, sleep (sometimes), repeat and think one day I'd make it out the other side. Eventually. Can you relate?
We live in a world where we think we have to always be hustling. Have you noticed we brag about how busy we are, or how little sleep we get? It's so crazy and a big problem for our health! How often do we re-evaluate whether we are happy and fulfilled? Does your soul feel peaceful or like a storm brewing? And do you notice the thoughts going on in your head? 
I have created an actionable tool that takes care of it all by keeping you consciously choosing your mindset and how you spend your time each day. All the research mentioned is sourced from peer-reviewed academic journals on psychology and neuroscience to ensure its validity. It's designed to raise your energetic vibration so you jump out of bed excited about your life every day. I completely changed my own life in a few months using the information and methods in this planner, and it was so fun and easy.
This planner is something I wish I'd always had in my life. It gives you clarity on what is most important for you, guides you to manage your time in a fluid and effective way, it enables you to prioritise your goals and achieve them easily, it empowers you to be self aware, and start and end each day with a positive mindset. Consistent self care and action are the two foundations for achieving anything you want. Use this planner to curate the life you want, step into your power, and make every day count.
Aimee x